Meet our Melbourne SMP specialist Suzi

Get to know our new artistic practitioner on the East coast

Have you heard the news? Foli Sim has landed on the East coast of Australia and we’ve started taking appointments in our first Melbourne clinic!

We’d like to introduce you to Suzi Meagher, the skilled practitioner that will be representing Foli Sim at our East coast base within Bank House.

Suzi has a diploma in make-up artistry, special effects, and theatrical and stage make-up. After working in make-up for eight years, she discovered the art of scalp micropigmentation, switched careers and has been treating clients for the past two years.

We understand that you may be considering scalp micropigmentation in Melbourne, and it can be nerve wracking, so we wanted you to get to know Suzi a little better before you make that life changing phone call…

Hi Suzi, thanks for taking time out of your schedule today. Let’s start with how you got into SMP, and what were you doing before?

No worries! Graduating with a Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Make-Up) and growing up with a strong creative background in the arts, I have worked as a professional make-up artist in television, theatre and special effects for eight years.

During my career I worked with a lot of world leading brands, and also freelanced, but after eight years I decided I wanted a change. With my love of the arts I knew I could not go into any kind of job. I did some research on creative careers and out of pure luck I found out about SMP. Once I learned more about it and what it had to offer people, I just knew I had to be a part of the industry. It has now been two years and I have not looked back!

Your artistic background is a fantastic asset, but why else would you encourage people to see you for SMP over others?

I specialise in very soft and realistic hairlines, feathering, blending and three dimensional appearances.

I can also relate to some level of what my clients are going through, as I went through my own personal hair loss situation a few years back. I know how heart breaking it can be to lose your hair.

What are your thoughts on Melbourne’s current SMP scene?

I find that it is getting better known within Australia, but I do think that Melbourne lacks good SMP work. I have had to fix up a lot of botched treatments, which is very unfortunate.

Also, from my previous experience I have seen a lot of people come in for consults, but not many conversions as it was priced too high, that wasn’t something I had control over until now.

I think men are looking for a reasonable price as well as fantastic work, and I believe that we [Foli Sim] as a company will be able to provide this for our clients.

Hear Chris, one of Suzi’s client share his journey with SMP when he came in for a review recently:

Do you think scalp micropigmentation will become the most popular hair loss solution in the future?

I definitely think SMP is the best solution for hair loss. It’s less invasive and it will fade over time, so if clients don’t want that shaved head look forever, there is no stress about it being a permanent look. It can also work well with other solutions such as hair pieces, hair extensions and hair transplants.

Can you tell us any examples where SMP has changed your clients’ lives?

There is one very special story that is close to my heart. I met a client of mine in 2015 when I first moved to Melbourne. His story was incredibly heartbreaking; he was burnt at a very young age and had never had hair his whole adult life. He wore a bandana for 11 years to cover his trauma.

Once I’d completed his sessions he was beyond words! His life has been changed forever, he no longer wears the bandana and has grown a huge amount of confidence. We have remained very close friends and he is always telling me how I have changed his life. I could not have asked for more than that.

So tell us how you joined Foli Sim and what made you want to be a part of their team.

I met Michael and Kate two years ago and all three of us had an instant connection. I knew I had met two very special and professional people who had the same passion, drive and values as I do. With that I had always wanted to work with them.

What do you value most about Foli Sim as a company?

The commitment, knowledge, passion, experience and care for the client. They value reputation and clients, along with their staff.

If anyone is considering SMP, what advice do you have for them?

If you feel scalp micropigmentation will benefit your life for the better, I would not hesitate to make that change. Everyone needs to feel good about themselves, and with that you bring confidence; and confidence is key.

To book your FREE consultation with Suzi or a practitioner in Perth, simply call 1300 668 490 or complete an online enquiry form


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