Shaven Look

The Foli Sim SMP / Hair Tattoo method can create an undetectable illusion of an all over clean-shaven / buzz-cut look, perfect for combating thinned out, receding hairlines, or for those suffering with various types of alopecia. This solution is ideal for men and women, and can help you to regain the confidence lost with hair loss.


Adding Density

SMP can be utilised by men and women to add extra density to an existing hairline, giving the appearance of a natural looking thicker, more luscious hairstyle. Adding density is a great way to combat a thinning head of hair and the best part is, should you experience further hair loss in the future, your SMP artist can always increase the coverage when required.

Shaven Look

Scar Camouflage

If you have scarring from a FUT or FUE hair transplant, scarring from other surgical procedures or other means and wish to camouflage them, SMP can help with this too. Your SMP artist will take into account the unique requirements of your scar and skin type, and tailor a treatment to achieve the desired outcome.

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