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Get to know Suzi from Foli Sim SMP Sydney

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Choose your artist; choose your result

When thinking about hair loss, it is important to not only think about the ‘hair’ loss but to think about the ‘loss’ that can happen in many other areas in someone’s life. Loss of self-esteem, loss of confidence, and many other emotional issues.

Because you are reading this you may already be sitting there on your phone or laptop thinking, “wow, there are so many  Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) aka hair tattoo options out there. How am I supposed to choose a clinic let alone an artist?”. Well, let me assure you there should be no game of Russian roulette when it comes to your Scalp and it is imperative in this industry that you carefully choose who will be your artist. 

Let’s zoom into our Sydney clinic and meet: Suzi

The motivation behind becoming an SMP artist is extremely important and the desire to help clients feel confident and supported throughout and after the process is the primary aim for Suzi.  

Suzi has a vast array of qualifications and experience. Alongside her certificate of Scalp Micropigmentation, she also holds a diploma in makeup artistry: special effects and a cert 3 & 4 in Art. Always being a creative person Suzi explains that “…it means the world to me that I can help so many people regain confidence within themselves through my Art”. 

Training is key 

Previously working with another SMP company in Perth; Suzi’s talent, passion, and finesse was noticed by Foli Sim, and was quickly asked to be apart of the Foli Sim team. Fast forward to 6 years later: after traveling between all three Foli Sim locations, Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney helping as many clients as she can, Suzi gives meaning to the age-old saying ‘practice makes perfect’.  

Natural hair  

Suzi’s creative flair in the arts has helped her to design and perform her own ‘hairline feathered technique’ as understandably Suzi wants her SMP to look “as natural as possible”. This technique works exceptionally well in her treatments as Suzi specialises in very soft and realistic hairlines, feathering and blending of three-dimensional appearances in the various stages of hair loss. Suzi’s experience and awareness of hair loss are not in a vacuum as she has first-hand experience herself. 

“I can relate to some level of what my clients are going through, as I went through my own hair loss situation a few years back. I know how heart breaking it can be to lose your hair.” – Suzi Meagher

Specialist treatments

With that in mind, it is easy to understand why this artist’s specialty treatments also include some of the more challenging cases of hair loss. These treatments include (but are not limited to), various forms of alopecia, scarring from burns/transplants (FUE and FUT), Lupus, and other such causes. A memory that Suzi shares from her earlier days in SMP really encourages a different perspective into hair loss and gives a snapshot of what motivated her to keep helping people in this way.

 “ …When I first moved to Melbourne a client came to me… he was a very self-conscious man. His story is so incredibly heart breaking; he was purposefully burnt when he was 3 years old which left him with scarring all over his head, face, and body. As a result, he wore a bandana on his head for 16 years to cover his head. 

“…I knew this treatment would be life-changing for him, and it very much was. He still contacts me to this day to tell me how much Scalp Micropigmentation and my treatment changed his life. That was honestly the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had in my life.” – Suzi Meagher

You make the choice

It is not hard to see that as an artist, Suzi is dedicated to the needs of each client that steps into her studio; recognizing that every client is different. 

Vowing never to stop learning and moving forward in the industry, Suzi Meagher is an advocate for knowledge accumulation, practice, and providing life-changing experiences through the use of Scalp Micropigmentation.