Hair loss and Self Image

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– Unattractive

– depressed


– cheated

– less virile

– incomplete

Just some of the words men have used to describe how their hair loss makes them feel.

Hair loss is one of the most devastating appearance issues that people can face. A strong link has been found between hair loss and lowered self-esteem, lack of confidence, depression, anxiety and a range of social and emotional issues. One of Foli Sim’s previous clients takes the time to share his own personal experience with hair loss. 

Shannon’s story

Shannon was only 30 years old when he started to notice his hair was beginning to thin out. A journey that over 50% of the male population share, yet seldom discussed.

Losing his hair wasn’t something that Shannon came to terms with straight away and like a lot of other men, he went through a long journey of denial and justification to reach his acceptance.

Acceptance of what he saw in the mirror. It wasn’t just a trick of the light or a bad angle that made his hair ‘look’ thin. By his mid 30’s Shannon had the sobering realisation that he was losing his hair and it wasn’t just the lighting any more. When he hit his late 30s, his hair loss was obvious. 

“I was so embarrassed about my hair loss”, explains Shannon. “Like a lot of other men I felt my confidence depleting every day”.

Considering  Shannon was a guitarist for a band; lack of self-esteem and self confidence was a foreign feeling to Shannon. He went from being under the bright lights on stage in a room full of people to: missing shows, cancelling gigs and falling behind in rehearsals. His lack of confidence was so strong that he avoided standing in front of people in lines at the supermarket for fear of judgment or ridicule. 

Shannon explains he felt unattractive, less masculine, and “ I thought I looked older than I was”.

To try and combat this he found his safety net in hats- “lots of hats”, says Shannon seriously.

“If there was an event or a venue that I wasn’t able to wear anything on my head, well then I didn’t go”.

Sighing and shaking his head Shannon explains, “my hair loss made me doubt my overall appearance. I felt insecure in any social situation which made dating extremely hard and very uncomfortable. That then lead to bouts of depression and just an overall dark cloud over my mental well-being”.

Which option is right for me?

Because of how much his hair loss was negatively affecting his life, Shannon explored multiple options to try and reverse or camouflage his hair loss. His first stop was hair transplants; where he quickly realised that they were not the right option for him.

“It was far too expensive for me and way too invasive. I didn’t want surgery and I also didn’t want to have to go through it again at a later date, as it doesn’t stop your hair loss”, says Shannon.

“ I then looked into medications such as minoxidil and finasteride, but I  turned away from that option too, as it is something you have to take for the rest of your life… I wasn’t sure I wanted to put these chemicals in my body every day either”.

Any ‘solution’ for hair loss that was available – Shannon had researched it.

That was until he stumbled across Scalp Micropigmentation (aka hair tattoo). “I was excited!”, beams Shannon. “Finally,  an option that could work to help camouflage my hair loss and is not invasive. Even though it seemed as I had found the solution for me, I still ( true to form) did my research.”

It took Shannon over 12 months to go through the different SMP artists and techniques with a fine-tooth comb before booking a consultation.

“I was extremely nervous. I wanted it to look as natural as possible not too obvious. I had seen online examples of really badly done SMP and I needed to make sure I was going to get treatment by the best of the best.” Says Shannon objectively.

Finding Foli Sim

“After asking all the questions I was recommended by Team Micro that Kate Dawes from Foli Sim is where I needed to be- they were right. From the minute I stepped through the doors, Directors Kate and Michael Dawes made me feel secure and like I was in the right hands.

They explained to me in extreme detail the process of SMP, right down to offering me the material safety data sheet on the pigment used!’ Chuckles Shannon. “This is how I could tell these guys were not in this to “sell” me SMP. There were no hidden agendas; only high-quality artist portfolios, 5-star reviews and honest people trying to help restore people’s confidence after hair loss…”

Ready to regain your confidence with SMP?

What are you waiting for ?

“…Going through with this treatment was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I was planning on keeping my treatment discreet, but I was so happy with SMP Kate had done on me (how natural and good it looked) that I ended up representing Foli Sim in an online campaign to promote SMP,” exclaims Shannon.

“Honestly, SMP has changed my life. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.  If you are considering it DO YOUR RESEARCH AND GET IT DONE!“

Shannon is now training under Foli Sims Senior Artist and Trichologist, Kate Dawes to become a Scalp a Micropigmentation artist at Foli Sim. “I am so happy that I can bring the experience I’ve had with SMP to other men like myself.”