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Meet our Artist Omar Rodriguez

Foli Sim Blog

How did you get into SMP, and what were you doing before?

Before SMP I had a fulfilling career, spanning 15 years as a TV and Concert Producer in Mexico City, North America and South America, producing some of the biggest artists in the music industry. I loved my role, but after 15 years of being a Producer and a few years after moving to Australia I felt the urge to move into a different direction. This was driven by my desire to help others affected by hair loss as I was at the young age of 25.

At 25 I embarked on researching all the hair transplant options available to me at the time. At 26 I had my first hair transplant procedure, FUT technique, it went really well. Then, sadly after a few years my hair loss started up again. I returned 2 more times for 2 more hair transplant procedures, this time opting for the FUE technique. Again this went well but some time later I realised my hair loss would continue. So I began researching again, looking for other options.

I wanted a new look, new hairstyle and I was tired of trying to maintain my hair loss with endless products which promised to ‘stop’ hair loss. I also wanted to cover my FUT and FUE scars. That’s when I discovered SMP!

At first I was a little apprehensive about the procedure. But after seeing so many results with such beautiful and natural hairlines I was convinced. I decided to go ahead with SMP and it was the best decision I made for my personal situation.   

How long have you been practicing SMP?

When deciding to commence my career in SMP, I decided to travel to Mexico City and train with Sumiko from NOVEAU CONTOUR, this was in early 2019. This course lit a fire in my belly and I decided I would not only train with the best in the industry, but to train INTENSIVELY over the following years.

My intention was to discover who were the most talented and experienced in the field of SMP and to be trained by them. Hence why I trained with Kate Dawes and Michael Dawes from Foli Sim in Perth, Australia; John Chandler, Britteni Chandler and Truitt Rarick from Scalp Co. in Los Angeles, USA.

These last few years of intense study, practice and performing procedures with these amazing professionals, who have a wealth of knowledge and an incredibly generous spirit to match, has brought me to where I am today, a passionate, skilled SMP artist!

What qualifications do you have?

Infection control courses:

Body Art Program, County of  Los Angeles, California, USA. (Registered Body Art Practitioner).

HLTINF005 Infection Control for the Body Art Industry. Australia.

SMP Certificates:




Tell us how you joined Foli Sim and what made you want to be a part of the team.

As I’ve mentioned I was lucky enough to be trained by Kate Dawes and Michael Dawes in Perth. We seemed to hit it off quite quickly. I very much admired Kate’s approach to her clients. Her intelligence, sharing of her skills and her obvious wish for me to do well left a great impression on me.

Both Kate and Michael are very talented professionals who were more than happy to see me succeed. Such a generous spirit is not found easily in such a competitive industry.

Even more importantly, their deep concern and care for their clients was evident. They put their client’s health and happiness at the top of their priorities.

Also I need to mention they have the most incredible and friendly team. Kelly, Diane, Suzi, Tara and Shannon are such hard workers and down to earth people; I love being part of the Foli Sim team.

Aside from your skills and experience, why else would you encourage people to come and see you for SMP?

My own hair loss experience has left me with a deep empathy for both men and women who are trying to navigate their way through the emotionally and psychologically distressing experience of hair loss. I understand their frustrations and their desire to find a solution that will leave them feeling confident and over the moon with their appearance.

If anyone is considering SMP, what advice do you have for them?

Research SMP companies, their artists, their qualifications and experience. Go in and meet the artist before agreeing to go ahead with your SMP procedure. This way you can feel confident to speak openly with your artist about the look you are hoping to achieve, and to just get a feel for the studio and the company. It’s all about you feeling good, from beginning until the end result.

What do you like most about Foli Sim as a business?

As Foli Sim is a family run business, we all take great pride in making sure our client’s receive an empathetic, caring experience, and with an exceptionally beautiful, artistic and natural looking result that will last.

To find out more information about scalp micropigmentation, call Foli Sim on 1300668490 to book a free no obligation consultation.