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Foli Sim SMP Hair Tattoo

What is Scalp Micropigmentation/Hair Tattoo?

Considered by some to be a novel approach to treating hair loss or thinning... Continue reading

Meet our Artist Omar Rodriguez

How did you get into SMP, and what were you doing before? Before SMP I had a fulfilling career, spanning 15 years as a TV and Concert Producer in Mexico City, North America and South America, producing some of the biggest artists in the music... Continue reading

Kate at the ISHRS Workshop Bangkok 2019

As industry-leaders for Scalp Micropigmentation in Australia, Foli Sim’s artists are dedicated to always providing the highest standards of medical practice across our three Health Department Certified studios in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.... Continue reading

Foli Sim’s Hair Tattoo – a Client’s Experience:

My background: I began to notice my hair was receding before completing high school. With male pattern baldness running on both sides of my family, and a strong attachment to my hair at the time, it didn’t take long for me to track my hair loss... Continue reading

Foli Sim has a New Melbourne Studio!

Melbourne we’ve moved! We are very excited to announce the relocation of our Melbourne studio to our new premises. Level 2, Suite 221, 55 Flemington Road North Melbourne VIC, 3051 Just a short tram ride from the city to Flemington Road, our new... Continue reading

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