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SMP the fashionable solution

Foli Sim Blog

Over recent years, Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is fast becoming the go-to solution for balding men. SMP is the process of tattooing microdots of pigment onto the scalp to resemble the appearance of shaved hair follicles. Men and women have used SMP to restore their hairline, hide alopecia and camouflage scars or thin patches. However, another major reason men choose Scalp Micropigmentation over other hair loss solutions is because of its fashionable buzz-cut look.

This clean shaved style has been very popular in Europe over recent years and this trend has now proved popular in Australia. Mature men are ditching the hair transplants and fiddly hair pieces and are embracing the classic, modern shaved look, while younger men are getting creative with patterns and leaving a longer length on top with shaved sides – and in our climate, can you blame them?


As with a lot of hair trends, the buzz-cut trend has been a popular choice for men who have been inspired by celebrities who prefer the clippers over the scissors. Stars who have opted for very short styles include:

    • David Beckham
    • Tom Hardy
    • Vin Diesel
    • Channing Tatum
    • Justin Timerlake
    • Bruce Willis

While some of these celebrities will have adopted this style for work purposes such as a film role, others have chosen it for ease. So you can throw away your hairdryer, brush and styling products, and replace them with a simple set of clippers. And as you can see from the list above, the buzz-cut style suites men of all ages. 


As well as being more modern and stylish, Scalp Micropigmentation is chosen as a hair loss solution over hair transplants for several reasons. Hair transplants are costly, a long process with consultations, surgery and recovery time, plus they will leave you with a scar. On the other hand, SMP gives a result that is affordable, far quicker and more natural.

Scalp Micropigmentation can help you achieve a natural look of a full head of hair. No matter what your hair colour or skin tone, we at Foli Sim will have the ideal pigment to make sure you’re thrilled with your result. If you would like a free consultation to see if SMP is right for you, give us a call on 1300 668 490 or book online.