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Sydney Scalp Micropigmentation

Foli Sim Blog

Foli Sim is excited to launch our third location!

Opening our doors operating from the esteemed Man Cave Sydney, located at 5 Hunter Street in the heart of Sydney, NSW.

Following the success, popularity and high-quality testimonials from our Scalp Micropigmentation clients in both Perth and Melbourne, we are excited to bring our premium hair tattoo services to new clients in Sydney.

Have you heard of Scalp Micropigmentation Sydney?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years and is considered by many as a natural-looking, low maintenance and cost-effective hair-loss solution. SMP features thousands of tiny dots on the scalp, utilising a crafted technique of hair line design, spacing and blending to deliver a full head of hair appearance.

The procedure is performed by our professionally trained artists. Our artists undergo rigorous and specific training in creating natural hairlines and aesthetically pleasing Scalp Micropigmentation to offer our clients the most natural SMP offered in the country.

Foli Sim is excited to share premises with Man Cave Sydney. Our Scalp Micropigmentation will offer Sydney clients a life-changing service, in addition to the many cosmetic medical procedures Man Cave Sydney has to offer, including fat reduction, wrinkle reduction, and sweat reduction.

SMP is also perfect for adding density for those experiencing early stages of hair-loss in both men and women. As well as this, SMP can be gradually expanded as hair loss is naturally experienced, giving you the most out of your remaining hair, and easing the transition into the shaved-head Scalp Micropigmentation appearance if desired.

If our latest Sydney location sounds like the one for you, contact us to book in for your no-obligation, free consult and Scalp Micropigmentation quote.