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Our Foli Sim Sydney studio operates out of the esteemed clinic, Man Cave Sydney, but don’t let the name fool you. Our Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) services are appropriate for men and women, and we welcome all to our Sydney studio for hair loss treatment.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is commonly known as a hair tattoo, and refers to the process of using specialised needles to tattoo tiny dots on the scalp, achieving the appearance of a freshly shaven head of hair, denser and thicker locks on thinning hair, or even camouflaging scars from FUT or FUE hair transplants and other surgeries. SMP is non-surgical and non-invasive.

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Foli Sim SMP Sydney Australia

Why Foli Sim Sydney?

Foli Sim Sydney is New South Wales’ premier destination for industry leading Scalp Micropigmentation hair tattoos. Whether you are looking to add extra density to a thinning hairline, or to completely cover a balding scalp, our SMP artists have tailored solutions just for you.

Our state of the art Sydney studio location is also Australian Health Department certified, meaning we only use medical grade equipment for all our procedures, which are conducted in sterile treatment rooms.

Our Artists 

Award winning Sydney SMP artist, Suzi Meagher, is no stranger to the cosmetic industry. Suzi came to Foli Sim with a Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Make-up) under her belt. After having experienced hair loss herself, Suzi found a passion for helping others who were enduring the same thing. This led to the beginning of her incredible work with Foli Sim and within the SMP industry.

Suzi is one of Australia’s leading SMP artists, operating out of Foli Sim at Man Cave Sydney. She also works alongside a highly skilled team with highly specialised, state of the art equipment used for all SMP treatments.

Working alongside Suzi is Scalp Micropigmentation expert Natalie Marie, who is also available for appointments at Foli Sim Sydney.

Natalie has over 7 years of experience in SMP after her time as Head Technician and Trainer in both Sydney and London for a leading global company prior to joining the Foli Sim Sydney family.

To Foli Sim Sydney, Natalie brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion for helping men and women affected by hair loss.

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Operating from our studio location within Man Cave Sydney, Suzi and Natalie have used SMP to help hundreds of Sydney-siders who are affected by hair loss. When you make an appointment with either one of these artists you can rest assured that you are seeing an expert in the SMP industry.

During your private, confidential and FREE consultation, we will talk you through the process, the number of sessions required and then provide you with a tailored quote specific to your requirements.

Foli Sim Sydney also offers a 12-month guarantee on SMP treatments, with free touch-ups offered for this period, should they be required.

Sydney, are you ready to combat your hair loss with a guaranteed treatment that is specially tailored to achieve your desired outcome? If so, Contact Us to book your free, no obligation consultation at Foli Sim Sydney (phone and online consultations are also available).

SMP Clinic

Phone & Video Consultations

If time or distance (or traffic!) makes it difficult to attend your initial consultation at our Sydney studio, our Artists are also available to assess your suitability for Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) and give you a price estimation, from the comfort and safety of your own home, via phone or video.

During your private, confidential and FREE phone or video consultation, we will talk you through the process, recommend the number of sessions that will be required and tailor a quote specific to your requirements and desired final results.

‘Book A Free Consultation’ below, and our team will be in touch within 24 hours to confirm your complimentary phone or video consultation.

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