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Kate Dawes

Scalp Micropigmentation / Eyebrow Treatments

Kate Dawes is the Founding Director and leading practitioner at Foli Sim. Kate is registered with the International Association of Trichologists, specialising in male and female hair loss.

Kate has completed a vast amount of training in scalp micropigmentation (SMP). She has trained in Australia and in 2011 she received a Diploma of SMP from Goldeneye, a leading industry expert in Europe. In January 2017 she went to New York City to complete her ‘Masters in Scalp Micropigmentation’ with Scalp Micro USA’s Matt Iulo, a highly respected SMP specialist in the USA.

“My number one priority is giving my clients a natural look they’re happy with and that suits them. They tell me what they want, and then I recommend certain hairlines to complement their face shape and SMP density to suit their natural density. We work together with the client”.

Suzi Meagher

Scalp Micropigmentation

Suzi Meagher is the leading scalp micropigmentation practitioner in Foli Sim’s Sydney and Melbourne clinics.

Having performed hundreds of treatments on both men and women affected by hair loss, Suzi is both highly skilled and highly respected in the industry.

Suzi specialises in soft, realistic hairlines, feathering, blending and three dimensional appearances. Having given her clients life changing results, she encourages people to take the plunge and go for SMP if they believe it could improve their self esteem.

“If you feel scalp micropigmentation will benefit your life for the better, I would not hesitate to make that change. Everyone needs to feel good about themselves, and with that you bring confidence; and confidence is key,”

Learn more about Suzi, including a client testimonial video on her blog page.

Kelly Dawes

Scalp Micropigmentation

Kelly Dawes is a certified scalp micropigmentation technician in Foli Sim’s Melbourne clinic.

Kelly has helped countless clients since obtaining her certificate in May 2017. She has since completed a Master SMP course with the renowned Brandwood Clinic in the UK and was nominated for Best International Artist whilst she attended the 2019 Team Micro Meeting of Minds SMP Conference in London.

And as the daughter of Foli Sim’s General Manager, she’s devoted to providing stellar customer service.

“I decided to join my father and step mother at Foli Sim when I saw how incredibly rewarding this line of work is, and just how much fun it can be!”

Find out more about Kelly in our Q&A blog post.

Diane Delia

Operations Manager

Diane Delia is Foli Sim’s Client Service Manager.

Diane, daughter of Foli Sim General Manager, Michael Dawes, has joined the family business to further her passion for superb customer service.

Diane’s role at Foli Sim is includes liaising with clients and managing the East Coast clinics.

Find out more about Diane in our Q&A blog post.

Michael Dawes


Michael Dawes is the Founding Partner and General Manager at Foli Sim and looks after administration and the day to day management of the business.

Michael has proven experience in customer service and Human Resource management.

Because Foli Sim is a family owned and operated business, we don’t have to pay huge franchise fees or associated costs, which means the procedure is more affordable for you!

“As a wholly owned family business, we focus on providing outstanding customer service and ethical, proven solutions for treating hair loss in men and women.”

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