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If you are struggling with hair loss, Scalp Micropigmentation is a great natural-looking and permanent solution. Not only can we rebuild the look of hair density and receded hairlines, we can help you to rebuild your confidence in yourself through SMP.”

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With over 8 years’ experience in Scalp Micropigmentation Senior Technician Natalie is a force to be reckoned with, within the SMP industry. Natalie is internationally trained and has previous experience as Head Technician and Trainer for a leading global SMP company in fast paced London before Joining the Foli Sim team in Sydney. Over her career Natalie has helped hundreds of men and women that have been affected by hair loss through using SMP.

Natalie’s specialities include: FUE & FUT scar camouflage, density work with existing hair – long and short, hair line design and natural, soft shaven (buzz-cut) looks. Natalie’s talent, experience and skill level are complimented by her professionalism, friendly personality, and her ability to make all her clients feel comfortable.

Natalie’s understanding and sensitivity toward the emotional distress hair loss can create in a person, was a big driving force into pursing SMP as a solution for people suffering with hair-loss solution. This understanding and empathy continues to motivate her to change lives using Scalp Micropigmentation.

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