Shannon Over


“Scalp Micropigmentation is an amazing non-invasive option for people like me who have experienced hair loss. SMP is almost undetectable, yet at the same time it can help to camouflage hair loss, rebuild a receded or non-existent hairline and restore confidence – like it did for me!.”


Shannon’s passion for Scalp Micropigmentation derives from his own experience with hair loss and having SMP himself.

As a previous Foli Sim client, Shannon is a walking example of what SMP looks like in ‘real life’. Having gone through all stages of the SMP treatments himself, this helps Shannon to easily relate to his clients and answer any questions they have from beginning to end; allowing everyone who walks into the clinic to feel comfortable, confident, and reassured.

Shannon was originally trained with our senior artist and Australian Artist of the Year Finalist, Kate Dawes. Shannon’s natural attention to detail, attentiveness, and precision works hand in hand with his work within the SMP industry.

Moving forward in the industry and with Foli Sim, it is easy to see in Shannon’s artist portfolio that Shannon has a flair density work, working with existing hair and creating density within thinning hair. Shannon has also excelled in creating a natural and soft ‘full shaven’ look and hairline design.

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